Regain digital freedom.

A new website with tutorials on how to regain your digital freedom.


With the launching of, I decided I wanted to make my own instance of the site for my own personal use and viewing.

The site has a large amount of high quality and minimalist tutorials on how to become digitally independant and removing reliance on centralised proprietary services.

My changes

I wrote a small python script to:

  • Clone the landchad github.
  • Convert all the tutorials into markdown.
  • Correctly format the tutorials for hugo.

The results can be seen here

The site will automatically add new tutorials from when the git repo is changed, therefore always keeping it up to date.


If you like the site and want to support it, then consider donating to, as any upstream improvements will feed down into this site, and this is mainly’s work, so if you are to donate, donate to them.

Ben Armstead
Ben Armstead
Computer Science Undergraduate (Lancaster University)

I enjoy free software programming and learning about Linux.