Ben Armstead

Ben Armstead

Computer Science Undergraduate (Lancaster University)


For many years my passion and hobby has been computing. Over the years I have developed skill sets in Linux, web development, C, Java, JavaScript, Python, Rust and bash scripting. I enjoy writing free and open source software, many of my projects can be seen below. I also enjoy self hosting.

I am very interested in software development and cyber security, and currently doing a degree in Computer Science.

  • Cyber Security
  • Free Software
  • Programming



Extensive experience after using as main workstation for 5 years.


C, Java, Python, Shell, JavaScript, PHP, SQL.


HTML, CSS, JSON, LaTeX, Markdown.


Linux, Git, Docker, Vim, Apache, GDB, GCC.

Android App Development

Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, this is an area which especially interests me.




This is a personal project and not one with lots of developer hours or backing, for a more stable project, I recommend using Molly. Signal-LTS is an unofficial Long Term Support version of Signal.

Music Monitor and Analyser

Program written in Rust to monitor music listening habbits and creates graphical visualisations of the data collected. Supported music players Running Logger ./music_monitor <path to CSV you want to log to>


Cooking app with simple minimalist recipes. Screenshots


Minimalist browser for android. Modern day web browsers have far too many settings and features which are simply useless and seek to re-implement things already implemented well elsewhere.


Minimalist Gtk Image Viewer MGIV is an image viewer written in python and GTK. Instalation git clone cd mgiv/src python3 Dependencies GTK Capabilities View other images in the same directory as the image you are viewing (Left and right arrow keys).


An implementation of cat, written in Rust, and done recursively. I made this program due to a need to recursively cat through a directory, and its subdirectories.

Youtube To RSS

A simple GUI that finds the RSS link for a youtube channel from its URL. Installation git clone cd youtube-to-rss/src python3 Dependancies GTK (tested on GTK3) Takes a youtube channel id and finds the RSS feed for the channel as can be seen below.

Youtube To RSS CLI

Python program to convert a single or multiple youtube channel(s) URL to their respective RSS links. Installation git clone cd youtube-to-rss-cli/src python3 Commands If no flag is passed then you will be taken to the CLI menu.


Command line screenshot utility for wayland environments. Functionality Capable of: Taking screenshot of whole screen. Selecting area of screen. Taking a screenshot of the currently selected window.


Encrypts text before being sent. This program allows Bob to enter Alice as a contact. Then add symetric encryption keys to this contact (as many as he likes).