Arch Linux Installation Script

Warning: Try this at your own risk, this script will overwrite all data currently on your device.


After re-installing Arch Linux many times on many different machines, I decided to invest the time in automating the process by writing a shell script to do it.

What the script does

The script installs Arch Linux and then set’s it up with my default configuration.


  • Installs Arch Linux, wiping all other drives.
  • Creates desired users.
  • Installs sway as a window manager and launches it on login.
  • Installs programs I use and my dot file’s for them. List of programs installed can be found here.
  • Makes non-dotfile configuration’s, such as networking, bluetooth, zsh, laptop power settings, vscode extensions, git configuration’s.

Run the script

Arch based distro’s using systemd should work.

To run the script you must be booted into an Arch Linux live CD on a machine which you wish to wipe and lose all the data on.


curl >
chmod +x

Once you have filled out the required details and the script has finished, run reboot and login with your chosen credentials.
You now have a base Arch Linux installation, therefore the next step is to deploy my custom configuration.

To do this, run:

curl >
chmod +x
./ <username> <git name> <git email>

You should now have a fully working install of Arch Linux with my custom configuration.

** Warning **: This script is still under development therefore may include bug’s and error’s in its current state.