An implementation of cat, written in Rust, and done recursively.

I made this program due to a need to recursively cat through a directory, and its subdirectories. cat_r is an extreamly quick way to do this, as it is written in rust and highly effecient.

Compiling from source

git clone

cd cat_r

cargo build --release


./target/release/cat_r <directory to cat_r here>

(The binary can be moved to and run from anywhere)

Current usage

catr: cat’s every file in your current directory and subdirectories

catr <directory here> example: catr ~/a/: cats every file in the directory and subdirectory of the specified directory (in this case ~/a/)

Current problems

Not every file can be catted. e.g. Binary files which are executables. The files must be in text format.



Ben Armstead
Ben Armstead
Computer Science Undergraduate (Lancaster University)

I enjoy free software programming and learning about Linux.